Monday, February 18, 2008

Airedale Ice Cream!

With springs promise of summer days fast appoaching I decided to post one of my favorite paintings. I love pink, and lavender.... Oh and airedales and ICE CREAM! Apparently so did this florida airedale whose photo inspired me. Many of the airedale's best qualities are on display here. First there is sillyness, then there is sweetness, then there is kissyness, and finally let's not forget big pink tongues and huge wet black noses!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Dale!

In my opinion, airedale terriers are the most loyal, lovey, and kissy dogs of any breed! In this painting I wanted to show some of that true deep inner loveyness of the airedale. He or she will live or die for you. Can you see it in this face?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Van Gogh Airedale

As a fine art student , I always loved the impressionists. They were not always acurate in drawing, but their colors were most always beautiful.

So when I paint, I try to make my paintings with a combination of realism and impressionism.
In the background of this painting I tried to capture a bit the feeling of Van Gogh's great painting of sunflowers. I also tried to paint the Airedale a little less realistic, but with more impressionic color ( yet with enought realism , that no one would mistake it for some other type of dog).
To me Sunflowers are so cheerful, delightful and fun. These are some ot the same qualities Airedales have, so to my mind they go together perfectly. Both are a joy and filled with the zest to reach as high a point in adventure as they can go.
Of course, I have to use other peoples Airedale photos now, so I do try to capture each airedales personality and markings. So if you ever wonder, why did she put a black hair there????? Its usually because that is where it is on the dog who was the model. :-)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

This is my lastest painting, a commission. It is of a very sweet Airedale named Putter, on a snowy day. She is on a fenced in porch, but seems to be asking mom, if they can go out and roam in the snow.
I have a feeling mom can't resist that cute face.
I will be putting up tons of paintings I have done, for all you Airedale lovers and you can find my e-mail address in the link, if you wish to commission a painting of your dog.
I do other breeds of course, but since we had an Airedale that was the love of our life, I find that Airedale people come to me, because they can see the love I have for Airedales.
I do love all dogs, but Shama (my girl), was my once in a lifetime special dog.
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My email address for commissions is
If you have any comments on my paintings I will write you back. Miss Barbara