Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Miss Barbara Paints a Grayhound!!!???

Now whats this about? Obviously Miss Barbara has been shanghaied by some Grayhound people! This is Zooey and this painting is quite a large painting. Miss Barbara works smaller usually but this painting (20 x 22 inches) was fun to paint and Miss Barbara did a fabulous job!
Miss Barbara gets a lot of requests for commission work now that she's slowed down a bit. Sooooo.... she's painting some other breeds. Maybe her next book will have some of her other paintings of other dogs as well as more Airedale paintings!
She also did another painting of an Airedale which I will post soon. Our cafepress store is zooming right along just as it does every Christmas. And now Miss Barbara is doing a Christmas commission. Hope all is well with all of those who love doggies...
Oh and thank you to those of you bid on the "Miss Barbara Paints the Airedale Terrier" book it was a success and ATRA is receiving a nice tidy sum of about $23.00 to help pay for rescue dogs and their upkeep.
Leonard Keigher